Membership Types & Rates

We have three types of membership, each type with varying benefits and offers. 
  1. Non-Trading Members (Free for the first 12 months, £60 per year thereafter)
  2. Trading Members (Free with an active trading agreement)
  3. Associates & Partners (£500-£1,000 per year)

We further provide a subscription service for newsletters, events and industry news. To join please sign up to mailing list

Members are typically:

  • Independent Renewable Energy Generators
  • Farmers and landowners with renewable assets
  • Rural businesses with renewable stations

 Associates & Partners comprise of:

  • Organisations involved in renewable energy
  • NGO’s and agencies that supports FENI’s objectives
  • Businesses that can offer complementary services to members


Membership is at the sole discretion of the FENI Board of Directors. To apply please download the application form here

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