On Farm Battery Storage Solutions

On Farm Battery Storage Solutions

Could ‘On Farm’ energy storage technology prove a viable investment for your rural business?

Energy storage technology is developing rapidly and costs are falling.

Energy storage solutions now offer farmers and rural businesses the ability to protect their operations from fluctuating energy costs. For many businesses, energy bills are a significant expense and taking steps to better manage your energy use, as well as reducing carbon emissions, can directly impact your financial outlay, competitiveness, reputation and green credentials.

Energy storage comes in many forms; however, battery technology is the fastest growing commercial opportunity currently available to farmers. Lithium-ion is the most common solution and work by capturing and storing energy generated from renewable technologies. They can also work independently of a renewable energy source, by storing cheaper energy from the grid, which can then be released when it is needed or when energy costs are high. In some cases batteries can support the National Grid and additional revenue can be generated.

Batteries can also be configured to act as an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) to provide power in times of power outages. This can provide emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails, protecting valuable commercial processes or data.

Energy storage technology equipment ranges in size from small domestic units the size of a kitchen cupboard, to multiple stacked units that fit in a barn or garage, and up to large shipping containers that can be offloaded straight into a farmyard.

However, it is not always straight-forward to assess whether energy storage will work for your business either from a technical or financial point of view. Therefore, Farm Energy NI have  purchased software for dedicated onsite assessment of renewables and storage of energy.

Farm Energy NI can look at your current energy usage, both generation and consumption, and then design an energy storage strategy that will indicate overall financial viability and system sizing. Once agreed, the system will then be supplied and installed by our sister company Realise Energy Services with its own inhouse specialist energy engineers.

If you are interested in On Farm Energy Storage or our energy storage assessment tool, please contact us on 028 7930 0606 or info@farmenergyni.co.uk

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