Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s)

Farm Energy specialise in Power Purchase Agreements for renewable energy generated from wind, hydro, solar and anaerobic digestion.

We have established good relationships with the NI power companies. Using group bulk buying power we regularly go to market to secure the best financial returns for our members exported electricity. We encourage one simple rate for all members at the best prices available, so everyone is treated equally. We also keep an eye on the power companies and move contracts where required to protect members from price fluctuations or corporate instability.

We have bespoke options for every type of green energy generation – whether you have several sites or just one, and whether you want a fixed price or more flexibility. Our energy agreements are based on one to three year periods with no administration fees or exit fees.

Plus, we will enter your half-hourly data to Ofgem, store and protect the data, and analyse and report how your generating station is performing.

“When it comes to getting you the best rates for you power, Farm Energy are a price maker and not a price taker”

Added Member Benefits

  • Wholesale cost-plus for any energy used onsite with discounted admin charge
  • Supply of 100% Green Energy to all sites and connected commercial units
  • HH Data Storage, Analysis & Reporting
  • Online portal to view and report on your finances, production and site details

To find out more, please contact 028 7930 0606 or info@farmenergyni.co.uk

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