ROC’s Trading Agreements

ROC’s Trading Agreements

Farm Energy are NIs largest provider of NIRO Accreditation and NIROCs Trading services for independent Renewable Energy Generators. Utilising our substantial members base and selling power we have proven to offer the best ROC prices in Northern Ireland.

The FENI team has extensive experience in OFGEM NIROs accreditation and unrivaled knowledge of the dealing with the OFGEM process, audits and queries.

Farm Energy NI offer two options for ROCs sales: the monthly auction or a fixed price buyout and recycle.

The ‘Buyout’ price is a price set by OFGEM which applies for a given 12 months ‘compliance period’ (April-March). The ‘Recycle’ price comes from the money collected from electricity suppliers by OFGEM.

We will pay all fees which may be incurred, such as auction fees and can submit all monthly data as required by OFGEM.

Our offers are based on 24-month to 5-year contracts. There are no administration fees associated with these offers.

If you enter into a Trading Services Agreement with Farm Energy NI, we do not charge any fees to submit Ofgem data or storage of your documents. We will provide you with an OFGEM Audit File and support you through any Ofgem audits.


Added Member Benefits

  • Provision of an OFGEM Audit File
  • HH Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Online portal to view and report on your finances, production and site details
  • Secure storage of Half-Hourly Data and Ofgem/accreditation documents


“Farm Energy NI has secured me the best returns trading my ROCs and electricity. The service I receive is second to none. FENI continues to provide the best value for ROCs and undertakes all Ofgem accreditations for its members. I would most definitely recommend their services based on my own experience to date.’’ David Burgess, Co Down


To find out more, please contact Roger Hogg on 028 7930 0606 or 


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