Inspection & refurbishment

Inspection & refurbishment

Refurbished turbine solutions from Realise Energy Services are sourced directly from existing wind farms with full service and maintenance histories, transported to a custom-built refurbishment and re-manufacturing facility where all turbine components undergo thorough inspection, repair or replacement and testing prior release to Realise Energy Services.


Key Benefits

  • Deliver enhanced return on investment opportunity for clients
  • Provide financially viable turbine for sites with high infrastructure costs
  • Detailed and professional inspection, refurbishment and re-manufacturing process
  • Warranty and insurance package available
  • Extended O&M contract delivers Realise Energy Services operation & maintenance support
  • Total package delivers cost-effective, de-risked turbine solution to maximise return on investment



Warranty term and cost is bespoke to the specific turbine and is based on the age and service history of the turbine and the level of refurbishment required.


Extended O&M Contract

Realise Energy Services have an enviable track record of providing a reliable and fast response operation and maintenance service to all our existing wind turbine customers. This ensures any operational issues can be addressed and resolved in a timely manner ensuring the continued safe operation of the turbine, limiting any potential loss of production and revenue.



Please speak to us regarding available insurance and extended warranty provision for this our turbines.

Interested? Contact us on 028 79 30060 or to find out how new or refurbished turbines could be the viable alternative for your project.


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