Refurbished Wind Turbines

Refurbished Wind Turbines

Realise Energy Services has an enviable track record of providing a reliable, class-leading wind turbine solutions for its clients. To address the market conditions, Realise Energy Services are partnering with leading European wind turbine refurbishment providers to extend our portfolio of wind turbine solutions. We can offer clients a range of cost-effective, yet high quality refurbished wind turbines originally manufactured by Vestas.

Vestas, based in Denmark, remain a global leader in turbine manufacture. They have been building turbines at the 200-500kW scale for three decades. More recently, they have moved away from the medium wind sector to focus on larger scale turbines. However, the quality and track record of their smaller scale solutions remains unrivalled. Their install base of medium turbines is unsurpassed, and their European component supply chain remains active.


Our refurbished turbine models include:

  • Vestas – ranging from V27 to V52 (an ideal solution for repowering)
  • Micon
  • Bonus
  • Nordtank


What is a refurbished wind turbine solution?

Like other precision engineered long-life mechanical products such as planes or ships, wind turbines that have been operating effectively for many years and regularly serviced can be inspected, refurbished, and re-installed. Refurbished wind turbines are ideal for projects where clients seek a solution with lower up-front costs and enhanced financial return with the reassurance of reliable technology and an extensive customer base.

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